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Special Note to Employers

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After an employee has completed the Ethics Solutions™ course, will the training stick?

Employees are human, so there can be no guarantees, but consider these four points:

First, after completing the course, parents are aware that their children probably are not receiving the ethics training needed for a successful life. Suggest to parents that they begin passing their new knowledge along to daughters and sons.

As every teacher knows, we never learn something as well as when we teach it. We are convinced that as parents instruct their children, this instruction reinforces the parents' own ethics.

Here's the second point. Children hate hypocrisy, and many will begin monitoring their parents.

Third, you can make ethics a part of your organization's culture by…

• Framing the certificates and displaying them at the employees' work stations.

• Making ethical behavior part of an Employee of the Month program.

• Encouraging employees to take the test all three times in hopes of earning Top Rated scores. Post a list of these achievers.

• Displaying the Ethics Solutions™ logo and ES certification statements. Writecertifictionto receive by return email the Ethics Solutions™ Logo Kit at no charge.

• Asking for suggestions of ways to draw the customers' attention to your ES certifications.

• Posting the two laws in conspicuous places.

• Telling supervisors to occasionally spring the question on their people, what are the two laws?

• Making clear to employees that persons who exhibit unethical behavior can be fired.


Our fourth point: never underestimate the power of prestige and peer pressure. Tell your employees that promotions and pay raises will be partly dependent on ethics. Also say that associating with the unethical is not a good career move.

By such means, we believe the 17- Word Solution™ can become solidly embedded in a company's culture. The question "has the ethics training stuck?" will never arise.


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