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Your group's most important tool for being successful and sought after in the workplace.

Ethics are the ancient rules of conduct which help create success in one's workplace and personal life. Ethics is what makes all good things possible.

Comments from users

"Ethics Solutions™ is the best program available to ensure your organization hires people with the right values."

Erik Lawser, C.A.E., business consultant and former director of an international trade association.



"I'd like to let you know how your 17-Word Solution™ handbook has improved my company.

"We tested my staff about six weeks ago. I had them first take the test, and then read the handbook, and then retake the test. This was really revealing in and of itself, but what has transpired since then is truly amazing.

"I hear my staff using the words contract, ethical and similar ones from your handbook all the time.

"For instance, a supervisor was upset with one of the employees in her division, and said, "she has broken her contract with us; being late is not ethical."

In other words, ideas from your handbook have been absorbed into our daily vocabulary. They are used within and between upper management and the staff.

"I have seen much improvement with staff members who formerly would be a few minutes late all the time; now they are early.

"Most gratifying is the fact that I have observed a new respect for the company and each other.

"Before discovering your ethics course, if I'd been asked, I would have said I had excellent employees, with many of them being with my firm between 10 and 20 years. Now I have even better employees, with stronger work ethics than ever. Those who were excellent have become matchless.

"Thank you so much for writing The 17-Word Solution™."


Best regards,

V. K., CEO



"I love that little booklet!"

A.F., Employee



"Finally someone has put into words for employees how an employer feels about the 'just enough to get by' attitude that is ruining this country."


V.P., Dir. of Operations & Administration



"Thank you so much. You present a simple message with potentially a very powerful impact on the reader. Those words automatically pop into my head when I wake up in the morning, and hopefully I'm living the 'code' as I work through the day. I would not hesitate to recommend it to a variety of groups — businesses, students (high school, college, specifically graduating seniors) girl and boy scouts, etc. Get them on the right track early! I envision a world in which the Solution, freely adopted, becomes a way of life. What a concept!"


J.H., Financial Services




• A third of young adults do not know how to tell the difference between right and wrong.


• Large numbers in the other age groups are confused about these principles.


• A brief three-step process can help members of your group prepare be successful, well-liked and sought after in the workplace and their personal lives. These days, you will rarely find the principles they will learn taught anywhere else.



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