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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ for Professional Associations, Schools, Churches,

Scouts, Military and Peace Officers

Q: What is the test like?

A: The test is administered online. Multiple choice, 40 questions, four choices each. We suggest a passing score of 70%, and we issue the Certificate of Completion on that basis.


Q: How much time does one have to take the test?

A: It usually takes less than 30 minutes, in one sitting. You cannot save and finish later.


Q: How is the test-taker notified of the results?

A: The test is immediately scored, and the score is supplied to the individual. If the score is passing, the person immediately receives a Certificate of Completion (PDF download). The score is presented on-screen to the test-taker as soon as the test is completed, along with the certificate, and these results are emailed to the individual as well.


Q: If I cannot print out the certificate, can they be mailed to me?

A: Yes, for a small fee per certificate, depending on the number of certificates, plus shipping, handling, and sales tax where applicable. Call for more information.


Q: How many times can a person take the test?

A: Three times per purchase. There is no limit to the number of purchases per person.


Q: Is the individual allowed to keep the handbook for future reference?

A: Yes, we encourage this.


Q: I'd like to administer two tests—before and after, to get an idea of my people's understanding before studying the handbook, and then how much the individual will have learned from it. I'd also like to administer a third test a few months later as reinforcement. Do I need to pay three times for this?

A. No. The fee covers three testing sessions per person, to be used as described in your question, or however you wish.


Q: Will I receive reports showing how the individual performed on each test?

A: Yes, but for security reasons, correct answers cannot be disclosed. You also receive copies of each certificate issued, and we provide a wide range of analytics for you as well. See our page on Analytics.


Q: What is to prevent a person from taking the test and writing down the answers, then after receiving a certificate, giving the list of answers to others?

A: Rarely are two tests the same. Our data processing center shuffles the questions and answers so that there are more than a million versions of the test.


Q: Is the test a simple pass/fail?

A: No. The test allows four levels of result: Fail, Pass, Intermediate and Excellent.


70-79% Pass. The individual has a basic knowledge of ethics necessary to get by in the workplace and in one's personal life. Ethics Solutions believes a score of 70 is significantly better than the understanding of the general public.


80-89% Intermediate. Means skilled at ethical thinking. We at Ethics Solutions believe a score of 80-89% indicates a higher knowledge of ethics necessary to be successful in the workplace and in one's personal life. We believe this level to be far better than the understanding of the general public.


90-100% Excellent. Unusually skilled at ethical thinking. Ethics Solutions believes a 90% means the person has a vastly higher knowledge of ethics than that of the general public, and probably has a huge advantage over others in the workplace and personal life.


Q: Is there a place in my home town where I can be certified in Ethics Solutions training based on your 17-Word Solution and vernerable law?

A: Ethics Solutions is the only organization that certifies ethics training on the 17-Word Solution and venerable law, and the ES web site is the only place to acquire certification.


Q: What is the total fee per person?

A: $99. This entitles the individual to one handbook, three testing sessions and, upon achieving a passing score, the certificate. See Pricing & Ordering for volume discounts.


Q: If I purchase more than one of your Ethics courses, then change my mind, can I get a refund for any unused courses?

A: Yes, within 90 days.


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